the art of making space

“Some people believe holding on and hanging in there are signs of great strength. However, there are times when it takes much more strength to know when to let go and then do it.”
― Ann Landers

IMG_8839space: in house, in body, in mind

all cards up front, i am writing this after 3 hours of “cleaning” the house. by cleaning, i mean purging, going through ALL the stuff. holy wow.

in our world today, we value collecting stuff. buying stuff. gaining things. we place our worth with what we house. there is a whole market for storage, literally a whole other place t put your stuff when you don’t have room in your house for it. so what about the clearing space? how can we focus more on making space?

i love going through our things and purging: all the baby stuff is on its way out, clothes that are not longer worn but are still in good shape, recycling the tickets we get from parties or other knickknacks. clearing space. not just for more stuff, but for the potential of what space gives us. space gives us: more places to play, more room to create, space to be bored, to find imagination. for me it gives some space for opportunity to show up.

what if by letting go, i allow the universe to bring me what’s next?

what if i let go and more joy/bliss walks in?

for the boys, it makes space for more playing. more imaginative. an actual physical space. physically clearing space for them.

for me, it’s more about the potential. leaving room. not having to spend extra time putting clothes away or sorting toys they don’t play with. keeping house work to a easy task vs a constant overhaul. everything having a home. making mental space for me.

the art of clearing space means that we all feel a bit more breathing room. whether it be for imagination and play or breathing space and room for other important duties! don’t forget to sage, palo santo, or just spray some lavender mist around to clear the energy too 😉

happy clearing space!



bliss of imperfection

“We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.” ― Emilio Estevez


my striving for “perfection” started long before i stepped into motherhood.

those early years of yoga proved to ignite this unspoken desire to look/do/act/be perfect, no matter how silly it sounded or how much i may have denied that was my goal. yoga some how brings that out in us. maybe it’s the ego fighting to keep control. maybe it is just innate in our western culture. maybe we just all grew up competing so we bring it to the table in every thing we do.

creating the perfect shapes, making vinyasa look easy. perfecting asana in record time.

these bits of the practice are so counterintuitive to what yoga really is, being present with right now. sure having “goals” isn’t necessarily bad. in fact, working hard and practicing daily is great. having pressure to “succeed” or striving for some sense of perfect is when this idea of goals can go terribly wrong. whether it be being in the perfect downward facing dog or emit the perfect vision of a together mom, ignoring our imperfection can lead to disaster.

no one is perfect.

period. end of story.

when we accept our imperfection, wearing them like a crown or at least not hiding them, this is when we can really live a content life, live our practice, and just be able to see things as they are and not as we are. every one, every single human, has imperfections. we all are working on our own shit. we all have cracks, but that is where our light shines through. our imperfections are what make us beautiful. make us wonderful. make us human. how can you embrace your imperfection today?



food bliss

“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”
― Julia Child

IMG_4920roasted beets anyone?

we eat all the time.

three meals a day, not including snacks. if you’re like me, that means you are feeding your face up to five times a day. how much of that are you enjoying?

yes, food is fuel, but it is also important to taste your food, enjoy your food, to make it an experience in your day. i like to sip my coffee, taste my food. see my family enjoy something i have made. and homemade can be relative. we all have different loves of cooking: from no love to hell yes let’s cook.

so pick some stuff you like to make, it can be simple/easy. it just needs to bring you joy, joy to make and joy to eat. here are a few things i love:

IMG_5140pizza night always makes the fan happy!

IMG_5167quick kimchi cucumbers! from: it’s all good

IMG_5169yes i like food in jars 😉 tangerine juice with vanilla coconut yogurt! the best!!

take some time today and make some food you love. or that your family loves. put some music on and let the love infuse your food.



balance of light and dark

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”― Anne Bradstreet

IMG_4895light + dark, always present

spring is often thought of as the time of renewal, of growth, of shift. it is also a time of balance.

a balance between night and day.

between inner and outer.

balance of home and work.

spring equinox shows us the equality of day time and night time. evenness of the light and dark. the earth is showing us that we are always shifting. that we are cyclical. winter is the season of internal. of reflecting and looking at ourselves. so when spring arrives we make the slow move to find balance between showing off like the blooming tulips we all want to be. if we rush too fast into outer world actions and forgetting about journey inward, all is lost on our growth. if we look at what we gained during our winter period of reflection (having new year being a big part of winter is no small moment of taking a look at your life), we can grow as humans. it allows us to really be in the balance.

inward time. journaling. solitude. walking in nature.being.

outward time. socializing. hobbies. doing your work. growing.

spring, while it feels good to shed the winter coat, is not just the jut through the dirt (darkness) and showing your flashy blooms. but a time to reflect on our inner works and make those works show. what have you learned this winter? where have you grown? and how can that show up for you now?



it’s not always bliss and let go

“If your goals aren’t synced with the substance of your heart, then achieving them won’t matter much.” ― Danielle LaPorte

IMG_4921sometimes life is blurry

as a gal on the search for a life filled with bliss (or samadhi as the yogis call it), i’m here to say that it’s not all bliss. nor rainbows or kittens or puppies. and for sure life does not always hand you the shit you want. sure, there are lots of times that life is all of the above and hands you that magical cake to remind you that you deserve dessert and much much more. but it isn’t enough to just ASK for what you want. not enough to just put it out into the universe  and wait to see what comes to you. that’s like going on a fishing expedition and not really caring whether you catch a fish, a lizard, or an old boot. it’s all the same to you. trusting that something will happen and forgetting about it isn’t going to necessarily give you what you want.

lately, i have been in this kind of auto-pilot mode.

i ask for what i want without any effort or energy spent toward it and yes, for a bit all the good juju was coming my way. it didn’t last. it didn’t last, because i put no work towards it. i made no effort, no movement to say “yes, this is what i want. how do i make it stay?” it’s like saying, “i really want the house to be clean.” and then just sitting there hoping something will happen. i’ve been doing just that. asking. putting it out there. but then not doing a damn thing about it. just waiting for something. anything to happen. it’s not always bliss waiting when you have already been invited to take action and make life happen for you. bliss is there, but life gives you the best when you put in a little effort.

i also have learned that while i can ask for the world, it’s super helpful to have some priorities of what i want the most. it really helps having an order of importance of what you want to create. so here it is, in order of importance, where my bliss priorities lie:

  • to be present with my boys, because this time is short and they are only little once;
  • to be a loving partner and good friend to the man. we don’t always have time to connect on the daily, but i know that needs more of my priority;
  • teaching the most amazing restorative yoga classes ever. but mostly, making them more about a safe space to come undone. it’s the undoing that allows us to grow and evolve;
  • writing books that help bring the yoga practice into the rest of our lives! sure, mat time is great and important, but hey, those other seven limbs help us navigate a life well lived. i want to encourage you to live your best life;
  • a clean house. a messy house = a messy mind, but taking 30 minutes every day to just clean up some will help (at least me and my mind) keep some of the crazy at bay;
  • eating more fruits and veggies, drink my 8 glasses of water every day, and move my body more. self care is super important an especially as a mama, since no one else is going to do it for me;
  • and lastly, read and write every day. a poem or a chapter of reading helps my creativity spark and writing whether it be journaling or a new book, uses that creativity so it doesn’t get stagnant.

while these things may not be revolutionary, there are parts of the bigger picture. they help me keep bliss as a every day occurrence even amongst the toddler breakdowns and four-year-old  fits. life doesn’t always have to be easy. or even always happy, but asking for it to be and then doing nothing to make it so seems like a waste of time to me 😉



yoga & the many hats we wear

“They tell you: Follow your dreams. Listen to your spirit. Change the world. Make your mark. Find your inner voice and make it sing. Embrace failure. Dream. Dream and dream big. As a matter of fact, dream and don’t stop dreaming until your dream comes true.
I think that’s crap.
I think a lot of people dream. And while they are busy dreaming, the really happy people, the really successful people, the really interesting, powerful, engaged people? Are busy doing.”
― Shonda Rhimes

IMG_4713oh how quickly life moves

i can’t believe a month has gone by since i have checked in here, there have been so many times i thought to come here and share/write/be. there is always a “but” or a “ok, when the bear naps”. which makes me so sad that i have put it off this long!

although today is the first day of spring break, i feel like so many things in life, there is never a right time to get back to the things you love. after all what is life without the many hats we wear. whether it be mama, yogi, teacher, writer, or chef/housecleaner/boo-boo kisser, none of these things are separate from each other. they feel like many hats, constant switching between work life, home life, etc, but truthfully as a yogi, we learn that in truth we aren’t different just using different skills. maybe even the same skills, but we just see it differently. the many hats just become being present, holding space, and acting from love. ah yoga, you make things so beautiful!

these last few weeks i have been balancing teaching, writing, and motherhood like i so often do, but i have noticed that when i honor the space i need for myself (by writing, practicing, meditation, or having coffee with friends), life flows so much smoother. the more i feel like i’m “wearing many hats”, the more exhausted i am, but when i look at motherhood, yoga, and writing as the same output and receiving of love then all goes smoothly. even when i have been bending over backwards to get the new book edited and ready for y’all (next week, but more on that in a minute). being mama and holding space requires the same creativity as writing, the same patience is needed for teaching yoga. presence to give love, to be love. i am infinite and i do a lot, so do you!

speaking of doing a lot, Nancy and I will be releasing our second book “The Living Mantra” on Monday March 20th (yes, yes the vernal equinox. we gotta cash in on that growth and bloom juju 😉  ), it is currently available in both Kindle and paperback  for pre-order here. If you have enjoyed “The Living Mala”, this makes a great companion book as well as a great stand alone book. If the idea of mantra scares you, this book will be a great way to remind you that our words matter and what we tell ourselves is important! i hope you’ll consider picking up a copy 😉



taking rest is time well spent

“Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future. Jobs, family, employers, and friends can exist one day without any one of us, and if our egos permit us to confess, they could exist eternally in our absence. Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.”
― Maya Angelou

img_3884little bits of beauty

ahhhh, we all need that time away to reset.

i  took this weekend to explore how i present i could get when i put my phone away and hot damn! it felt great. putting my phone away (mostly just staying off of social media), allowed me to just enjoy my family. some practice time. some coffee with friends. i even got to sneak off and play at where i hope to get married 😉 unplugging gave me space to have family tickle wars, to be kind without seeking recognition. to just enjoy each day with out thinking of how to record it.

lately we all have been overloaded with articles and a need to act, but it is also important to take time and look around you. to see the beauty. to laugh until you cry. to treat a bunch of strangers to coffee (and supporting the ACLU). to make change by also living your life. this weekend was a nice reminder that:

living, loving, and taking time to reset is always a good idea.

laughter is the best medicine.

extra snuggles are always worth running late.

being nice to everyone is a great way to remember all the nice things that have happened for you.

it’s ok to know what to do or have all the answers. just take it moment by moment.

i hope y’all had a great weekend! and that you are feeling fierce for this week ahead.



Taking time every day

“…it has never been harder to tap into our inner wisdom, because in order to do so, we have to disconnect from all our omnipresent devices – our gadgets, our screens, our social media – and reconnect with ourselves.”
― Arianna Huffington

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.”
― Anne Lamott


i have enjoyed my little hiatus from blogging, but i have also missed sharing with y’all!

so much has happened in the last few weeks: a hawaii family vacay, getting engaged, the chaos of the world. in the world over loaded by news feed and a shadow of doubt in what we are reading and the intentions of our neighbors, friends, and strangers on the internet. it can be madness: which makes self care and bliss even more important. i have been relying heavily on the tools i helped create in “the living mala“, they have helped remind me the importance of my practice. of stepping back. of breathing, moving, being.

i say these things, not as distractions from life, but as a way to navigate better. as a way to be more present. present in order to be clear. to take action. to help. let’s all plan on taking care of ourselves and each other. i’m looking forward to coming back to writing again. to sharing more yoga. to helping you find bliss every damn day!

today, take pause.

sit still. breathe. look outside. look inside. see the good within you. see your spark, your light. take some time today to see the shine within you.

you are a light in the world. i hope you let it shine brighter today.



Getting in the groove, bliss at home

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”
― Edith Sitwell

“I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but my life was never ordinary. I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was. Likewise, I never imagined that home might be something I would miss.”
― Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

img_3247my favorite light at my favorite time of day

this weekend we got to experience actual winter like weather. of course, it never lasts long which is fine for us! this household doesn’t particularly love the super cold. as winter weather often drives us inside, it is always good to look at our homes and see how we can make them more ours. now is not necessarily the time for purging (unless your winter holidays were excessive or you see those in need of what you have in abundance like coats, pants, or hats), but since we are indoors so much we can really get a sense of the *vibe* of our home. looking at the flow, the comfort, the access, or even the treasures that we display, all these things help in our feeling the sense of home as well as how our day starts or ends.

if things are cluttered or stark, you may start your day feeling overwhelmed because of the too much or feeling like you don’t have enough. if you don’t have a comfortable place to curl up and read or write, you may not feel at home. if you have to dig to find your favorite mug or sweater or photo, you may need to rearrange. if the treasures displayed in your home remind you of negative memories or cause frustration of another time, perhaps it is time the are not on show for everyone. this is the joy of being home when it is cold out, we get to see what our homes are really creating within us. after all, if this is our sanctuary, our place to recharge, what are we charging up with?

you know what the best part is? when you start to move furniture or pull your favorite books out from hiding or start to hunt the second hand stores for you new favorite chair or desk, you warm you body and keep you feeling charged up. so take advantage of the cold weather and start to create that blissful sanctuary your home should be. or at least create yourself a little nook for some yoga/meditation/coffee drinking 😉