restore yourself!

I am so excited to announce this new course!

You know I am all about restorative yoga in all forms, mostly on the mat.

That's about to change into something amazing!

Over the last month, I have been steadily working on ways for you to feel  the benefits of restorative in your every day whether or not you have a chance to take a class.



We will be exploring ways to feel connected to ourselves, to create practices to invoke the calm we fill in restorative, and to bring restorative yoga feels into our homes.

Have chills yet? Well, what if i told you each week we will have another element of restorative to bring into our lives. We will explore meditation, creativity, asana, and ways to invoke the feelings of restorative yoga into our home. This is the complete submersion into restoring you. This 6-week course will start Sept 3 and will include weekly emails, a private Facebook group, and I'll be available for any questions! From now until midnight (CMT) August 15, get weekly audio meditations, posture videos, art projects, and home fun for $216 (On the 16th, price goes up to $250). Sign up here and include the email address you want to use.

If you aren't quite sure, I am hosting a free 6 day to go over each of the elements we will be discussing in the group. You can have a little taste of what we will spend six weeks diving in. Join me August 6-11 for some exploring into what makes Restore Yourself the place you want to be. You will receive an email that will describe what the focus for that day, access to a private Facebook group, and all the encouragement from me you want. I want to see you expand your restorative practice. So jump in already!

Click here and sign up for the FREE six day Restore Yourself. You don't want to miss out.





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